Care-avan Aquaroll Waterhog Royal Aquarius Mains Water Kit Best Value in UK

When using a "super pitch" this valve is an economical way to enjoy the benefits of a continuous supply of fresh water to your caravan, at an affordable price!!!

This simple ball valve is easy to fit - it screws into the side of your water container and all you need to do is connect the food grade hose onto the adapter and connect the other end of your hose to the water tap on your "super pitch" - and away you go.....

Caravan Waste Drain-away for grey water Wastemaster

These fantastic 'no mess' accessories help to prevent splashes and spills, when emptying your caravan waste. The pipe fits easily into wastemaster or waste container helping to protect pitches.

This drainage accessory comes assembled ready to attach to your caravan waste pipes (32mm - also fits 28.5mm).

Caravan Super Pitch Mains Water Container by Care-avan

Fantastic water container to take to a super pitch saves taking an aquaroll or waterhog . Saves space if you are going to France,Germany or Spain. Unique container from

Caravan Motorhome Unique Waterless Cleaner Endorsed by Bailey Caravan & Featured on BBC1

Product Demonstration Video featuring Care-avan's Waterless Caravan Cleaner the only Endorsed by Bailey Caravans & Roma Caravans Featured on BBC1 and Recommended and Featured on Sky Tv The Caravan Channel

The quick and easy way to fill your Motorhome Inboard water tank

After many requests from motorhome owners we have come up with this fantastic easy way to fill your inboard water tanks. Never has it been so easy and quick. Visit our web site for more information and prices.

What accessories do you need to use a Caravan Super Pitch ?

Care-avan offer's you the best value in super pitch products we have a full range for Aquaroll , Waterhog and Royal Aquarius Mains Water Kits. Check our prices we are the cheapest in the UK. Visit our web site for more detail and prices

Care-avan Caravan Cleaning Products why the best ?

Unique message from the owner of UK's only Caravan Cleaning Products backed by UK's top leading Caravan Manufacturers. Our web site is

Care-avan Voted Best Caravan Cleaners in the UK

Redundancy was the key to starting this business and now is reconised as the ONLY caravan cleaning products to be Endorsed and Approved by the Top Caravan Manufactueres Bailey Caravans and The Swift Group.

Caravan Cleaners Best In UK

BBC Featured and endorsed by Bailey Caravans and approved by "The Swift Group" and voted UK's No1 by Practical Caravan Magazine