This sophisticated formulation of micro emulsifying detergents and biocides, has been specially developed to safely clean all the materials used on Trampoline Pads and Mats.

This spray kills mold and algae preventing re-growth for the whole season.

The UK's first unique Trampoline Cleaner

Award winning Care-avan are proud to have developed this mat and pad cleaner.

Trampolines are a lot of fun but they get dirty very quickly with all that barefoot jumping thankfully cleaning your trampoline is easy to do. However many safety precautions must be taken to avoid injury and maintain the trampoline pads is of utmost importance.

We do not recommend using cleaners that are not formulated for the trampoline as many cleaners are abrasive and can cause damage to your mat surface. To keep your trampoline in top condition and extend the life of your parts we have developed this mat and pad cleaner.

We have the only unique trampoline cleaner in the UK.

Yep! We've done it again!

We've designed, engineered and produced the UK's only unique Trampoline Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray. We couldn't be any prouder with this unique UK made, 100% Biodegradable cleaning product. We truly are in love with this product, so much so that we knew it deserved this, it's very own special corner of the Internet (as well as it's own special spot on our full e-commerce shop over at care-avan).

Above you'll find one of our wonderfully helpful application videos that will show you how to go about using the Trampoline Multi-Surface Cleaner, but if you don't fancy sitting and taking a look, then maybe this handy four-step method might be useful: